Listen To The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo’s Insane Startup Sound

Photo Credit: World Car Fans via YouTube screenshot
Photo Credit: World Car Fans via YouTube screenshot /

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is a video game fantasy brought to real life and this is its insane startup sound as recorded exiting the Paris Motor Show. 

Although the Paris Motor Show was held last October, only now did this epic footage surface showcasing the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo starting up and rolling under its own power. According to WorldSuperCars latest upload on Youtube earlier Tuesday, when you’re designing a car without sound restrictions, what emits from the tailpipe is the raw power of that W16. Have a listen of this insane piece of machinery below.

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One thing’s for sure. When the Bugatti Chiron is officially unveiled later this Spring, we have a very good feeling it won’t sound as bonkers as this Vision Gran Turismo. The Chiron will have to conform to emissions testing, sound restrictions, crash testing and will have to be somewhat liveable.

When Sony put out the word to car manufacturers to give their Vision Gran Turismo for the digital world, Bugatti knew they had to make their Vision Gran Turismo something special  With only 450 Veyrons ever made yet so many Bugatti fans throughout the world, Bugatti made sure that this digital representation brought to life would live up to its virtual self.

According to Wolfgang Durheimer, CEO of Bugatti,

"“However, our fans, who love the brand and have remained loyal to us for years throughout the world, are unlimited in number. This project is our way of thanking them for their loyalty and enthusiasm.”"

So we imagine when engineers went about creating this monster and questions arose about how loud it was, they shrugged those concerns off and thought, “The fans would love how loud this thing is.” When we hear it startup, we don’t just hear an unchained W16, we hear this as Bugatti’s way of saying thanks.

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Bugatti says this monster can hit 250 MPH in real life. We wonder what that would sound like at full clip.