Hit And Run: R32 Nissan Skyline In Virginia Almost Totaled

Photo Credit: Chris Reynolds via Skyline Owners USA
Photo Credit: Chris Reynolds via Skyline Owners USA /

This super clean R32 Nissan GT-R in Virginia suffered almost irreversible damage to his imported Skyline.

Hit and runs are bad enough but when you suffer a hit and run on an imported vehicle with hard to find body parts, it’s even harder. According to Skyline Owners USA on a shared video they posted earlier last night, it looks like this R32 Nissan Skyline in Virginia suffered a hit and run with few details on the perpetrators. Check out the walk around video of courtesy of the owner Chris Reynolds below. Skyline enthusiasts are warned to avert their eyes. It’s not pretty.

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The R32 Nissan Skyline chassis was built for Group-A racing in Japan and sports a pretty robust structure so small collisions, while unfortunate, don’t spell disaster. This on the other hand, is a notch above small. The rear bumper has been significantly pushed in and details are sparse on the condition of the frame. The Skyline still does a wicked burnout (as per video) so it looks like the running gear is in somewhat good running order.

And to add insult to injury, Chris’s Skyline wasn’t the only car that was hit as his good friend Brian Armory and his Nissan 240SX coupe shared a bit of the damage.

According to Brian, 

"Offering up a decent reward to anyone that finds the blue late 80s/early 90s Ford Pickup with severe front end damage and the two men responsible for destroying Chris Reynolds’ Skyline and my 240SX coupe in a hit and run."

You’ll be somewhat glad to know that their local news station headed out there earlier today to get an interview and spread the word on this travesty.

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We’ll update you on the latest developments from this unfortunate accident.