A Faster Horse: 2015 Documentary on the Ford Mustang, Now on Netflix

Photo Credit: https://vimeo.com/gravitasventures
Photo Credit: https://vimeo.com/gravitasventures /

The history of the Mustang and the build to it’s current specification is revealed in the documentary, A Faster Horse, now available on Netflix.

Ever wonder what it takes to build just one car? Imagine how much tougher it is to build a car with a legacy attached.  The Ford Mustang is an All-American car.  People can harken back to the 1960’s, and if there is one vehicle that sticks out, it is the Mustang.  The Ford Mustang has a racing heritage as well.

This documentary talks about what it’s like to build an all-new Mustang while staying true to its’ roots.

The documentary briefly walks through each of the six redesigns and shows how much of a group effort it takes from Ford.  Design teams, marketing teams, and engineering teams all collaborate to make one great final product design.

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Imagine working with the engineering team, and sorting through at least 50 different exhaust designs before finalizing, just to get the proper engine rumble at idle and engine whale under heavy throttle.

One of the revisions made to the latest model of Mustang is the independent rear suspension.  Ford chose to go away from their traditional live-axle system, which worked for decades.  However, a driver that didn’t have a careful foot or a short lapse in judgement, could easily do this:

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This documentary goes in depth with the construction of the 2015 Mustang and takes the view into the trenches of car building.

Ever thought about getting a Mustang for yourself?  This documentary will show you what a Mustang is all about.