Recall Alert: Scion FR-S Possible Ignition Key Problem Affects 26,000 Units


26,000 MY 2013-2016 Scion FR-S’s are being recalled preemptively because of an ignition key interlock issue. 

It’s never good in these times of record recalls to combine the worlds “recalled” and “ignition issue” but that’s the case for this round of recalls for the Scion FR-S. This recall might not be as serious as other recalls coming from other manufacturers (cough*GM*cough.) Earlier Tuesday, Toyota went ahead and announced a safety recall for 2013-2016 Scion FR-S’s with a possible connection problem with the automatic transmission key interlock on some vehicles.

Photo Credit: Scion
Photo Credit: Scion /

According to Toyota,

"connectors for the automatic transmission key interlock on some vehicles may not have been connected during pre-delivery service prior to sale."

If this delivery mode connector isn’t connected, it is possible for a Scion FR-S’s key to be removed from the ignition switch in positions other than park. This goes against portions of Federal/Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that dictates new vehicles be risk averse to roll-aways and subsequent crashes.

According to Auto News, Toyota hasn’t released any statistical information on what prompted this recall or if there were already any incidents tied to this anomaly.

As with all recalls, owners will be notified via first class mail and can visit for up to date information before your recall notice arrives in the mail.

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A bit of an aside, but according to Toyota, between 2013-2016 Scion sold, 54,313 units. That means on average there’s one automatic for every manual FR-S on the road. Call it what you will, but it looks like there’s no correlation between being an FR-S driver and manual transmission as an option on a matter of driving enthusiast principal. FR-S drivers love their automatics too.