This Tesla Model S By Radio Flyer Is A Kids Dream Car

Photo Credit: Radio Flyer
Photo Credit: Radio Flyer /

For $500, your kid can own one of the coolest Power Wheels on the block. 

It seriously is a great time to be a kid. According to Radio Flyer on their website earlier this week, they’re accepting pre-orders on scale sized Tesla Model S’s for kids and very small adults (not really.) Priced at $500 a piece, they come in Tesla Red and are fully-functional little cars capable of speeds between three to six MPH. Check out their awesome promotional video below. You’ll wish you were five again.

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Radio Flyer has been kicking around for close to one hundred years now. During that time, they’ve been best known for their pull-along red wagons and tricycles. Kids these days want something powered and fun. A partnership with Tesla whipped up this “power wheels” toy for the kid in your life who needs to be both eco-conscious and sporty. It’s also for the kid with overly ambitious parents who want to instill life attainable goals at an early age.

Just like the real car, this scale sized Tesla Model S uses lithium ion batteries (albeit smaller, less powerful and fewer of them.) Charing is surprisingly similar to the real deal too with the Radio Flyer’s Tesla Model S charging port located in the same spot as the full-size car. This kids toy features working headlights, the same iconic turbine rims (c/d is very important to kids) and a premium paint finish in Model S colors.

In addition, all Radio Flyer Teslas come with working front and reverse gears, a sound system you can plug your media player into and a frunk (what Tesla Motors calls a trunk) where you could fit a couple of balls…for you know…playtime.

Accessories even include a car cover to mimic a full-sized one and a customizable license plate (LOLOIL?)

While this $500 glorified power wheels toy is brilliant, your kids might get bored with 6MPH. If you think your little speed demon has it in him, Actev recently introduced a rechargeable smart go-kart with twice the speed (12 MPH) for $100 more. And if you want to introduce your kids to a bit of drifting, there’s always the Crazy Cart by Razor for just $400.

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This (amongst other karts) is one of the coolest toys to hit the market by far. There are few ways to get your kids excited about driving or to learn the proper rules of the road better than a little real life experience. Don’t think of this so much as a toy but as an important learning tool that happens to be super fun.