Revival Trailer: This Zero Spirits Racing Teaser Excites Our JDM Senses

Photo Credit: Otaku Garage via YouTube
Photo Credit: Otaku Garage via YouTube /

Otaku Garage is cooking up an epic full-length film highlighting one of Japan’s premier Nissan tuners. This is their first trailer. 

If you don’t know the name Zero Spirits Racing, don’t be so discouraged as we ourselves didn’t hear about this awesome little garage in Japan until today. According to Otaku Garage on their latest status update over Facebook, it looks like their production team is well knee-deep in editing. The final product will be a full-length film featuring Zero Spirits Garage & Koshikubi Engineering. Check out the trailer for this upcoming film for yourself below. Even if you don’t know anything about this tuner, the gratuitous car pron shots of someone building an engine with his bare hands should be enough for you to get excited.

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Japanese Car Culture has fascinated Americans (and Australians… along with others around the world) ever since imports took off as a way to express oneself through an automotive medium. It’s safe to say that the last decade has seen the shift away from gaudy builds with tacky body kits towards something that values form over function. And although the mainstream crowd has gone and butchered some of the time-honored principles found on serious builds like functional camber and aero, ( to extreme camber and faux-racecar aero bits) small Japanese tuners remind us what it’s all about.

And I suppose that’s what drew this production team all the way from Australia to this tiny Japanese Island to take a glance at what it means to be dedicated to a single purpose. According to the video description,

"Koshikubi-san runs a JDM Garage in Goto-shi, Nagasaki, Japan a little island far away from the main land of Japan.Koshikubi-san has always had a passion for building engines & has been rebuilding & perfecting L-Series & RB motors for decades! He loves all things Datsun/ Nissan new & old & builds only the best.This feature length movie will be about the Koshikubi-san “REVIVING” his dream of building the worlds fastest car built by his bare hands. (Project Zero)"

That sums up a lot about what we’ve come across from Japan in popular media. Everyone is well aware of how Spoon Sports showers its love on Hondas and Acuras or how Pit Road only focuses on Datsun B110, B310 and Starlets. Focused on a singular task to build one of the best examples of their particular chassis, it’s a theme that reflects on the Japanese people and their car culture.

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Now, thanks to Otaku Garage, it’s time for Zero Spirits Racing to get a bit of recognition as well. So if you’re a Nissan head or just a car fan in general, it would behoove you to pay attention to what’s coming from Otaku Garage in the coming weeks. Click here to go to their Facebook page and give them a follow.