Instant Karma: SUV Dangerously Navigating School Zone Gets Caught

Photo Credit: BHWongDDS
Photo Credit: BHWongDDS /

One concerned parent equipped with a dashcam caught this Chevrolet SUV navigating its way around an elementary school zone in the most dangerous way possible. Instant karma ensues. 

The morning school run for parents can be notoriously stressful with most parents having to head to work right after dropping off the young ones. But by no means should drivers around a school zone treat that particular area like a NASCAR pit lane. According to one concerned parent who goes by the screenname BHWongDDS off of YouTube, her dashcam caught this black Chevrolet Suburban treating a Bay Area School zone in one of the most dangerous ways possible, breaking multiple driving laws. Check out the video for yourself and check out the next video where the dashcam films that SUV getting pulled over.

"This is a video of drop off time at Millbrae Meadows Elementary school. Traffic is backed up due to a stop sign and parents dropping off their children. This black SUV obviously doesn’t have the common courtesy to wait in line. I’m posting this to publicly shame this person and hope the police can do something about this flagrant disregard for courtesy and safety of young children going to school. If you wait for the end of the video you will see what looks like the SUV running the stop sign where everyone is waiting."

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If you take a look at the location where the video was shot via Google Maps, like how most Elementary schools are zoned, this school is smack dab in the middle of a residential area. That means kids are making their way to the front of the school as they normally do while some are exiting vehicles by way of the drop-off. Not meant to handle high amounts of traffic during peak morning hours, drop off lines tend to build up to the angst of many drivers.

In the video, you can see the black Chevrolet Suburban first dangerously cutting off the filming car by running close to the sidewalk on the right. Ironically, the Suburban had the courtesy to signal while butting in anyway.  We then see the Suburban hopping a sidewalk in a technique most car enthusiasts have only seen on Initial D. The dashcam continues filming while the Suburban disappears around the corner, clearly passing the queue of cars waiting patiently. Shortly after the filming car drops her kids off, her camera catches that same SUV pulled to the side of the road with the reds and blues of the Millbrae police right behind the Suburban.

Photo Credit: BHWongDDS
Photo Credit: BHWongDDS /
Photo Credit: BHWongDDS
Photo Credit: BHWongDDS /
2016.2.18 SUV 3
2016.2.18 SUV 3 /

In some cases where dashcam videos are uploaded on the internet to shame other drivers, doing so isn’t really called for.  But when you disregard the rules of the road in an area where there’s a high amount of children present it’s time to let loose the “social media dogs of war” with public shaming being justified.

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However in this case, it looks like that driver already got his comeuppances.

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