This Time-Lapse Of A Gallardo Engine Removal Makes Our Wallets Quiver

Photo Credit: Hukon via YouTube
Photo Credit: Hukon via YouTube /

This repair shop posted up a video of a Lamborghini Gallardo requiring a service that called for its engine being removed. 

New Lamborghini Gallardos cost around $200,000 when they first came out in 2003 and throughout its ten-year run. With used prices for well-maintained ones at half that new MSRP, many first-time supercar buyers flock to used units. While being fairly robust supercars, some services may call for the engine being removed which means top dollar when you get your bill back. According to Hukon on their video upload over the weekend, this particular Lamborghini Gallardo required such a service. Check out the whole timelapse of the procedure below.

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Not many people know but Lamborghini Gallardo maintenance can be affordable as far as supercar ownership goes. According to this owner, Oil changes are just $400 every 7,500 miles, trans and diff oil changes will set you back $700 every 15,000 miles and a full set of plugs cost the same amount at the same mileage interval. For your average Joe, this might seem cringe worthy, but in this league of car ownership there can be far worse.

The real blow to the wallet occurs when a service issue comes up that you either can’t do yourself or requires some major surgery. The particular Gallardo in the time-lapse came in for a Nikasil Coating failure in one of its cylinders. While your ordinary car engine will use an Iron liner to protect the cylinder head from scouring due to the engine’s many cylinders going up and down, some exotic car manufacturers employ racing technology to strip weight from an engine and replace that iron lining with a Nikasil Coating. Nikasil is a trademarked metallic coating sprayed on that, in some cases, does a better job than iron liners.In some rare cases that coating can fail which can cause oil leakage, scouring of your cylinder head and a plume of blue smoke out the back. 

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Other than those rare instances, Gallardos are bullet proof cars with no maintenance item requiring this laborious engine removal process. It’s not rare to come across one with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. But in the instance you happen to own one, keep a couple thousand at hand to deal with setbacks that require more than a DIY mechanic can handle on his own.