Vine Star Lance Stewart Buys His Dad A C7 Z06 For His Birthday

Photo Credit: Lance Stewart via YouTube
Photo Credit: Lance Stewart via YouTube /

Popular Vine Star Lance Stewart bought his dad a brand new 2016 Corvette Z06 and filmed his reaction. 

If you don’t know who Lance Stewart is you’ve probably come across one of his short and funny videos on Facebook or Vine. According to Lance himself off of his personal YouTube earlier Wednesday, he surprised his Dad with his dream car, a bright red 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. In typical social media star fashion, Lance filmed the entire process from going to the dealership to the actual reveal to his dad. Get a box of tissues ready because as for most videos like this, it might make your eyes sweat.

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Lance first starts off the video saying that he might just walk into a Chevrolet dealership and leave with a brand new Corvette the same day. It then cuts to his family having dinner with Lance asking his Dad to step into the garage with his eyes covered. Parked in the setting afternoon sun is that same Z06 from the dealership hours before. When Lance’s Dad finally catches a glimpse of what his son bought for him, he’s clearly emotional as any parent would be. Lots of hugs and manly tears ensue with the smile on his face when he push-to-starts saying it all.

These types of videos are very relatable for most people who are earning money and have had supportive parents along their journey. In a tweet from last year, it looks like Lance’s parents supported this millennial entertainer as he grew famous.

A new car is often a great way kids show their appreciation for their parents when they’ve earned a little nest egg of their own. This particular car is certainly quite the gift. This 650 HP American supercar set Lance back at least $80,000.

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While the world is full of new celebrities making fools of themselves every which way, it’s refreshing to see a couple of young stars giving back to the people who matter the most in their lives.