‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Wins $139,000 Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe

Photo Credit: Price Is Right
Photo Credit: Price Is Right /

Lucky contestant wins a 2017 Mercedes Benz S550 on The Price Is Right. 

If you haven’t noticed it’s Dream Car Week on The Price Is Right. According to The Price Is Right over Twitter earlier Friday,the week wrapped up with one contestant winning a fully loaded 2017 Mercedes-Benz S550 worth exactly $139,142. On Monday, dream car week started off with one SF Bay Area women winning a $120,000 Aston Martin V8 Vantage and another lucky winner running off in a BMW 320i. Check out the whole video where contestant Adrian Kendrick tests his luck and fate.

Adrian plays one of The Price Is Right’s more storied and famous games called “The Golden Road.” The game is pretty infamous for offering some of the most expensive prizes that a contestant could win. Back in 2013, a Bentley Continental GT was up for grabs that was worth more than $189,000 but that contestant only got through two of the four-game steps.

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According to the PIR Wikia,

"The game begins with a grocery item priced under $1, whose price is shown to the contestant. The price of a three-digit prize is then revealed, with the hundreds digit missing. The contestant must choose one of the two digits in the price of the grocery item as the missing digit.If they are correct, the game continues with a four-digit prize, whose missing hundreds digit is one of the digits in the price of the three-digit prize. If they are correct, they move on to select the missing hundreds digit in the price of a five-digit (or occasionally six-digit) prize from the digits in the price of the four-digit prize."

Adrian successfully makes it through all four rounds and wins a Playstation 4 package worth $735, a Living Room set worth $6,314 and the brand new Mercedes worth $139,142.

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe is quite arguably one of the best two door luxury coupe’s in the world. With this particular model equipped with Mercedes 4Matic, power is routed through all four wheels. Under the hood is a 4.6L Twin-Turbo V8 pumping out 449 HP and a more impressive 516 lb-ft. All that power is routed through a seven-speed automatic. Inside it’s all leather with plentiful of beautiful interfaces and touch points.

2016.2.20 S550 4
2016.2.20 S550 4 /

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While the Aston Martin is one of the best prizes to cross PIR’s stage, we think Adrian got the best dream car in it being practical yet packed with performance. We don’t blame him if he sells it too because more than $100,000 after taxes ain’t’ too bad either.