Crowmod Runs 4.18 At 176 MPH During Lights Out 7

Photo Credit: MidWest Streetcars
Photo Credit: MidWest Streetcars /

 Justin ‘Big Chief’ Shearer and his Pontiac Crowmod just went 4.185 down the 1/8th mile at 176 MPH. And that’s not even half the story. 

Update: Crowmod Puts Down Faster Time! Runs 4.101 at 182 MPH

Running against the big dogs at Lights Out 7 is a story enough for a famous street racer turned promod, but that’s not half the story on just how the CrowMod pulled off such a hard fought weekend. According to on their official results they posted earlier Saturday, Big Chief pulled off an epic 4.185 pass on a new motor and chassis. Check out that epic pass below and read on to hear how he got to that point of an already long weekend.

2016.2.20 Crowmod
2016.2.20 Crowmod /

Earlier in the week, both Murder Nova and Big Chief were at Northstar Dragway in Denton, Texas making some test passes on drag radials. For the Crowmod, everything was clicking and Justin was putting down some solid runs until his last pass. According to a video NXGonzoVideo posted up on his official YouTube, it looks like something was already amiss in Crowmod’s engine as everyone heard an audible loud pop as it neared the finish. Supposedly, when they drained the oil to inspect the damage, there were metal shavings everywhere indicating major internal destruction. Check out that video below.

Justin Shearer and the boy’s at MidWest Street Cars then shared this photo of the CrowMod sans motor. We’re assuming they did some serious engine surgery to make sure everything was copacetic before heading to Georgia Motorsports Park for Lights Out 7.

Justin posted up this update from Georgia,

"After all the quick thrashing to get my little Pontiac back together to make it here, we decided it was best to really keep an eye on everything to make sure it lives through the weekend…or at least that we give it a chance to live lol. Can’t thank my guys enough for all the help. Justin McDaniel (McDoogle) and Monkey have had no sleep since Monday while we’ve been on this crazy journey/adventure/nightmare and haven’t complained once, but instead just took charge to make sure I’m as prepared as I can be to race this week. Stay tuned folks…we’re gonna give em hell"

And give em’ hell they did. On his first qualifying pass, Crowmod pulled off a 4.26 at 172 MPH during Round 1 of Qualifying on Wednesday and improved even more running a 4.217 at 174 MPH during qualifying the next day. On Friday, Justin shaved off a couple hundredths by running a 4.185 at 176 MPH and still had plenty left to give but was knocked out of the elimination rounds. Still, quite the effort.

Justin’s friend, Shawn Ellington, definitely was having a rough go at it by running into head gasket issues before they even made any passes. Check out Shawn and his team rebuilding their engine in a timelapse below. Shawn did end up running a 4.43 during qualifying in the Pro275 class despite also running in the Radial Vs. The World rounds at the same time.

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