5 Cars That Make Us Say “Damn Daniel”

Photo Credit: Mercedes
Photo Credit: Mercedes /
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#1- Damn Mercedes-Benz CLA250

Photo Credit: Mercedes
Photo Credit: Mercedes /

If there’s one car that makes us take a second glance as it drives by on the daily (that’s priced reasonably) it has to be the $32,050 Mercedes-Benz CLA250. The CLA250 has the distinction of being the cheapest Mercedes, but that isn’t saying much.

When the Mercedes CLA-Class was introduced, it was supposed to be Mercedes’s first down-market model that would still appeal to the masses with plenty of style. And despite its price, it’s still plenty classy. Some have even called the much more luxed out versions as mini-S classes.

Off the bat, Mercedes designers had the conundrum of elegantly styling a FWD platform in such a way as to not detract from its luxury roots. The CLA does a good job of masking its nose-heavy hood with a broad grill opening and front air intakes that sweep upwards from the lower wheel well. Outback, its rear short overhang compliments its already elegant profile.

Underneath the hood is a turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine good enough for 208 HP. A blast to 60 MPH in less than seven seconds makes overtaking a breeze.

With your bank account none the worse for the wear, you’ll be saying “back at it again with the Mercedes styling on the daily.”

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