This Second-Generation Toyota Prius Has Close To 600,000 Miles

Photo Credit: Mile Hybrid Automotive
Photo Credit: Mile Hybrid Automotive /

This auto repair shop in Denver, Colorado came across a customer’s 2008 Toyota Prius that had 584,613 miles on the odometer. 

It’s not at all uncommon to see a Toyota surpass 200,000 miles and beyond, but this 2008 Toyota Prius ranks up there amongst the elite. According to Mile Hybrid Automotive based out of Denver, Colorado on their recent Facebook post earlier Monday, a customer came in with their 2008 Toyota Prius with the digital odometer showing 584,613 on the clock. With the average American only driving 13,476 miles a year according to the Federal Highway Administration, this Prius was doing five times that annually. Check out their photo below courtesy of Mile Hybrid Auto.

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According to MHA,

"At MileHybrid Automotive we see many Prius’ that are very well used. Nothing we appreciate more than seeing a fuel efficient car driven and kept on the road for many many miles.Remember when Hybrid cars were new and the speculation was that they would be ‘disposable’ cars? That’s laughable at this point..This one drove in last week. Highest mileage we have seen."

Not surprisingly, this particular Prius was still rocking its original engine and transmission. The shop owner did admit that they’ve already swapped the battery packs on this Prius twice, which isn’t all that uncommon for these cars. Typically, Prius owners can eke out 200,000 miles pretty reliably before a battery swap is warranted. There are plenty of cases where Prius’s are still driving on their original battery beyond that point.

This Toyota Prius Taxi has over 600,000 miles (1 million km) on his original battery.

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As for this particular 2008 Prius, it’s sadly the end of the road.

"It is being retired because the timing chain/gears are so worn that the CEL light is on due to cam timing."

Although the Toyota Prius is generally rebuffed by the greater automotive community for being an appliance of sorts with little driving excitement to be had, there’s something to be said about a pokey hybrid that continues to provide reliable service for its owners day in and day out well beyond the typical lifespan of an automobile.

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We have a feeling the owners of this Prius will be putting a down payment on a Gen. 4 Prius sometime in the near future.