This Is Mad Mike Whiddett’s RadBul Gen2 Headed For Long Beach

Photo Credit: Mad Mike Whiddett
Photo Credit: Mad Mike Whiddett /

Mad Mike Whiddett took to Instagram and Facebook to share his ND Miata bound for America to do battle Kiwi style. 

If you’ve been following Mad Mike Whiddett online in the past week you probably saw his ND Miata bound for Long Beach pop up on his feed. According to Mad Mike Whiddett himself, he’s planning a full campaign here in the United States so that means all ten rounds will be blessed with Mike’s Rotary goodness.

Keen eyes will notice that this Miata sports the ND body panels rather than his old NC. Mad Mike Whiddett himself took body panels from a 2016 Mazda Miata and custom fit them to an NC chassis. According to Mike,

"This was no simple task! I personally grafted the entire front from steel and alloy + the factory Mazda parts which took me days of labour and cut and modified many Rocket Bunny, Aimgain and Hybridlab parts to suit then Hybrid Lab also spent days on end making them into prototype products to then mould and make my parts out of his custom flexiglass."

Photo Credit: Mad Mike Whiddett
Photo Credit: Mad Mike Whiddett /

Underneath the hood is the same four-rotor Wankel power that’s defined his awesome drifts.

The Rocket Bunny aero kit draws criticism from purists for being faux-racecar looking for the sake of style points but in this case, this aero kit does this car justice. This car is currently tucked away in a shipping container on the high seas headed for the Port of Long Beach.

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And as Wrecked Magazine was quick to point out, there’s no protest happening to stymie the arrival of RadBul 2.