Bugatti Chiron, A Closer Look With Motor Trend

Photo Credit: Motor Trend Channel, Screenshot Via YouTube
Photo Credit: Motor Trend Channel, Screenshot Via YouTube /

The Bugatti Chiron was unveiled earlier this morning, but Motor Trend provides a more exclusive look.

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Bugatti has their own interpretation of what flat out speed should look like.  While certain models from


and the latest

Hennessey Venom

aim to achieve high speed numbers with a distinctly more visceral feel, Bugatti aims to achieve top speed more effortlessly.  The latest Chiron achieves a 261 top speed through a W-16, quad-turbo engine, capable of an estimated 1500 bhp and 1138-lb.ft. of torque.  The numbers are outright staggering.

Motor Trend has a more exclusive look on the interior and exterior of the Chiron.

The Chiron does resemble the Veyron, but has a more aggressive front fascia on the exterior, a lower lip, and carbon fiber bits sprinkled all over the interior.  The shift knob may look very similar to the Veyron.  More importantly, it looks like a modern interpretation of what the Veyron should be.  The lower lip appears to be made of carbon fiber.  The rear light is a single beam.  It somehow looks more flat, more wide, and more taut than the previous Veyron.  The intake area behind the front doors looks like one swooping intake with a capital “C”, just to let you know it’s a Chiron.

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What is most impressive about Bugatti is just how functional the design is.  As said earlier, the Koenigsegg models and Hennessey Venom have more visceral approaches to top speed, while Bugatti has a more calming, elegant approach.  We can only imagine what wafting along at 261 miles per hour can be like.  The Chiron brings on that speed effortlessly and makes it unusually accessible.