Global Rallycross: Brian Wong Joins Rhys Millen Racing


Brian Wong drives a Hyundai Veloster for Rhys Millen Racing.

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One of the must underrated automotive sports in the world is Global Rallycross.  Global Rallycross takes hot hatches and puts them on a stadium track with a variety of surfaces.  It is like rally racing, except there every car competes against each other, not just the clock.  On top of that, at least one “optional” lap must be taken with a different route to make racing more enticing.  The surfaces change constantly and contact between the vehicles happens quite often.

With two starts, Brian Wong placed 5th as his best finish.  There’s no doubt he can carry his experience into this upcoming season.

GRC vehicles are equipped up to 600 horsepower in all-wheel-drive versions.  Due to the short-track nature, 0-60 times are under two seconds to maximize corner-exit speeds.  These hot hatches are also capable of handling 70-foot jumps as well.

The drivers of GRC come from all different backgrounds of racing experience.  Guys like Nelson Piquet Jr. of Formula-E and Formula One fame driving in GRC.  Known American drives like Tanner Foust, Scott Speed, and Ken Block have either rally experience or Formula One experience.  Bucky Lasek and Travis Pastrana come from X-Games fame.

More cars: C.J. Wilson Of The Anaheim Angels Bought A Skyline

C.J. Wilson owns an R32 Skyline capable of well over 276 horsepower and all-wheel-drive.  The R32 is a daily driving version of these super-hot-hatches.  We hope the sport grows and brings on the popularity of hot hatches into the United States.

The schedule for Global Rallycross broadcast begins on May 22nd at 2PM ET on NBC Sports, in Phoenix, Arizona.