Morgan EV3: The Past and Future At Once

Photo Credit: Carfection, Screenshot Via YouTube
Photo Credit: Carfection, Screenshot Via YouTube /

The Morgan EV3 is a look into the future, but a reflection of the roots of the early days of the automotive industry as well.

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Some of you may remember the test drive that we did for the

Morgan 3-Wheeler

.  Simply put, it’s a phenomenal drive. It provides an experience that is unique to all other cars on the road.  While other cars are focused acceleration, lateral g-forces, and short braking distances, the Morgan 3-Wheeler does all that with a lightweight chassis and an engine with proper grunt.  There is a true sense of occasion with the Morgan 3-Wheeler.

Now, Morgan looks to the future with the EV version of the 3-Wheeler.  But, can it provide the same, visceral experience as the petrol version?

Alex Goy of Carfection provided a preview of the EV3 concept model.

The petrol version of the Morgan 3-Wheeler comes with 115 horsepower, a manual transmission, and is capable of 0-60 mile per hour times in the sixes.  It will surprise drivers with its’ fuel efficiency as well.  The Morgan EV3 on the other hand, comes with an estimated 62 horsepower.  Keep in mind, it is an extremely lightweight vehicle at roughly a tick over 1,100 lbs., which is basically one-third of a modern vehicle weight nowadays.  Power to weight ratios are comparable to modern compact cars.  Information about estimated range hasn’t been released, but the feel of acceleration is expected to be similar to the 3-Wheeler.  Why?  While the 3-Wheeler’s sweet spot of torque is a tick over 3,000rpm, electric vehicles achieve peak torque just above 0 rpm.

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We look forward to seeing the latest concept put into production.