Porsche 911R: The Modern Purist Porsche

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Porsche reveals their latest 911R, and returns to their purist roots.

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Porsche is a definitive sports car brand.  When people think of Porsche, the shape of 911 covers their eyes, with the sound of a wailing flat-six engine overwhelming their ears.  James Dean loved the simplicity of the Porsche 356, and the 911 adapted over the years to redefine what a sports car truly is. Before, the GT3 was the purist sports car. The GT3 is now the ultimate chassis for racing purposes.  The 911R is the latest interpretation of what a sports car truly is.

The latest video from EVO walked through the details of what makes the 911R, the purist Porsche.

There has been a hint of controversy with every new model.  Porsche 996’s added on a coolant system, and went away from conventional air-cooled engines.  More recent 997’s added enhanced stability management and traction management.  The more recent 991 models added optional torque vectoring and dynamic chassis control.  While there has been criticism with modern Porsche 911’s, the latest 911R clearly goes back to the sports car roots.

We go through five primary reasons why the 911R is the modern, purist Porsche 911.