EKanoo Racing Resets R35 GT-R World Record Again: 7.20 At 200 MPH

Photo Credit: EKanoo Racing
Photo Credit: EKanoo Racing /

EKanoo Racing broke their own world record again in a matter of days and had the ability to go faster. 

Expect for us to throw up one of these “EKanoo Racing Broke Their Own World Record” articles at least a couple of times a month because their own record keeps on falling. According to EKanoo Racing off of their personal Facebook earlier Wednesday (Mar. 2, 2016) the boys from Bahrain laid down another serious quarter mile pass and broke their own record they had just set six days prior. And of course, they caught the whole pass on video for you to enjoy. Check out that amazing pass below.

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If you read our previous article from a couple of days ago (linked below), you’ll notice that their trap speed was one MPH faster than this record-setting run. There’s good reason for that and proves that this Nissan R35 GT-R can go even faster. According to EKanoo Racing, “The car was suppose to run but we had a leak in the catch can and oil was on the tire the car was spinning just before the finish line. “

Oil Catch cans are essential pieces of equipment on high-horsepower turbo builds like this one. Their purpose is to catch any blow-by of oil released from the crankcase into the intake pipes. Without a catch can, gunk can buildup in the intake valves, turbo, intercooler, and intercooler chargepipes and cause some serious mayham down the line. Unfortunately, at these extreme pressures of drag racing, they can also leak.  And that oil has to go somewhere. In this case on a tire.

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We expect this R35 to make another pass within the next couple of days and for them to break their record yet again. EKanoo Racing managed to knock off another tenth of a second even with a slippery tire at the end of their run. The question of course is if they can knock out two more tenths to break into the elusive six-second range and write their names in the history books. Thankfully these boys knock out world records like its practice so we won’t have to wait too long.