Valet Fails To Hoon A Challenger SRT Hellcat In Valet Mode

Photo Credit: Dodge
Photo Credit: Dodge /

A Universal Studios Valet driver was upset to find out that the Challenger SRT Hellcat he was parking was stuck in Valet Mode.

The best part of the job working as a parking attendant is the actual parking of the cars. And wise customers know this all too well. According to a recent upload from a Challenger SRT Hellcat owner to his personal YouTube earlier Wednesday, a valet attendant got a rude awakening when the Challenger SRT Hellcat he was parking had valet mode activated. And with the  dashcam running at all times, this Hellcat owner caught the infuriating moment on camera. Check out that video below and let us know what you think about that valet attendant in the comments below.

“What an A**h***. I can’t use this…it’s slow! We can’t do anything”- Valet Attendant finding out it’s in Valet Mode.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one powerful piece of American muscle. With a whopping 707 HP and 650 lb-ft of torque, this supercharged beast can come close to touching 200 MPH if you lay in it long enough. And at just $60,990, it’s one of the most affordable American bruisers out there. That means literally thousands roam our highways and city streets. Teenagers know all these facts as well.

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So what do you think the first thing any prepubescent teenager is going to want to do when he gets his hands on one of these bad boys? Usually a burnout, a launch or at the very least lots and lots of revving.

Thankfully Dodge had the foresight to include a valet mode with every Hellcat sold. When a special pin number is entered and valet mode engaged, a Hellcat’s power is reduced from 707 HP to just 300 and engine RPM’s cut off at 4,000 RPM. So for the majority of the time putting around the parking lot, you can only really use around 200 HP.

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You can hear the clear frustration in the parking attendant’s voice as he engages manual shift via the paddles and finds out that valet mode is engaged.  He even admits to wanting to joyride for “at least going across” so a bit of hooning definitely would’ve happened if valet mode was not engaged.

We don’t blame the kid for wanting to have a bit of fun but never at the expense of someone else without them knowing.