Jeopardy: Runs A “Cars” Category

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Cars for $400, Alex

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This one I had to think about for a bit.  My mind went straight to thinking about the Edsel, but not the question to this answer.  I started thinking about Lincoln in my head, and all that came up was my rolodex of names.  It wasn’t right.  The MKX?  No.  MKZ?   No.  MDX?  That’s an Acura.  MKS?  No. …. And then it hit me.  Two for two for the category.  I’d give away the answer if I had more hints.

Cars for $600, Alex

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This one was particularly easy, even if the first response to came to mind was, “ZR1.”  My eyes went straight to the word, “supercharged.” but something wasn’t right.  After all, anything with well over 600 horsepower does not have, “…380 miles on a full charge and a full tank of gas..”  After some quick thought, the answer was very obvious.