Pennzoil Has Just Made The Best Ferrari 488 GTB Commercial Ever

Photo Credit: Pennzoil
Photo Credit: Pennzoil /

Pennzoil sure knows how to have a good time in a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Pennzoil may just be a company that creates engine oil and some other products, but the company sure knows how to have a good time when it comes to honing cars around. In its latest video, the company has taken a supercar to the streets for some fun.

Photo Credit: Pennzoil
Photo Credit: Pennzoil /

This isn’t the first time Pennzoil has gotten its hands on a high-performance machine to hoon in and it probably won’t be the last. But this just might be the best video with a Ferrari 488 GTB on the Internet.

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The oil company took the Italian supercar to the scenic streets of Barcelona, Spain to cause some mayhem and is calling the video a “JOYRIDE.” This has to be one of the best joyrides on YouTube and the 488 GTB is the ultimate supercar for the task. There’s plenty of drifting, close calls and full-throttle accelerations to turn any DIY enthusiast into a Pennzoil lover.

Yes, it may just be a huge marketing gig, but come on. A 488 GTB drifting around the empty streets of Barcelona is something that any enthusiast will love to see. And, thanks to the 488 GTB’s 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, a soundtrack that anyone can enjoy listening to.

For those interested in how the video was made, Pennzoil even came out with a behind the scenes video.

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You don’t have to love Ferraris to enjoy this supercar commercial and if you haven’t given Pennzoil a try in your own car, this may push you over the edge to put it into your own car’s engine. Seriously, this video is that good.