Jay Leno’s Garage: Sung Kang’s 1973 Datsun 240Z Stops By For An Epic Drive

Photo Credit: Jay Leno's Garage
Photo Credit: Jay Leno's Garage /

Sung Kang’s 1973 Datsun 240Z makes a stop at Jay Leno’s Garage.

About five weeks ago, Sung Kang himself posted up an Instagram photo of his Datsun 240Z build at Jay Leno’s Garage and we wondered when that video would hit the internet. According to Jay Leno’s Garage earlier today, it looks like that video has finally hit the internet on Pie day. If you don’t already know, earlier last year Sung Kang decided that he wanted to build a SEMA car with the help of a couple of pals of his for the sole purpose of building something special to share with the world. Check out the whole video of his stop at Jay Leno’s Garage below. The shots of Jay hooning it in this vintage Datsun are totally worth it.

First, Jay and Sung Kang go through the history of the inspiration behind why he wanted to build the car in the first place and why Sung Kang didn’t stick with the stock body lines. If you head over and watch the first couple of episodes of his Z-Dream Series, you’ll get the full story of how the Rocket Bunny kit choice came to be. Although Sung Kang wanted to keep the stock lines, there was just something about this kit that made him want to throw it on. According to Kang,  “It’s like getting a hot Japanese girl and putting her on a steak and chicken diet and making her do squats. ”

It’s like getting a hot Japanese girl and putting her on a steak and chicken diet and making her do squats.

Besides that awesome comment, Jay and Sung go through what it took to get this Datsun to where it is today, who was involved,  why the naturally aspirated RB 26 was chosen, why the name Fugu was applied and why the Sung calls this the “Social Media Car.”

Despite all the talking, the absolute best parts of the video are when Jay and Sung enjoy a drive together. If you know anything about Sung Kang or have observed his demeanor on videos, he usually never cracks a smile. Throughout the whole time in the test drive with Jay, Sung is smiling from ear to ear. With a naturally aspirated setup and zero sound deadening, the sound is glorious.

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From just the tail of the tape, it’s easy to write this 240Z build off. Oh, it’s a Rocket Bunny RB26 build. Big deal. But when built right with an attention to detail and real passion poured into it and when the sum of its parts is seen in motion and enjoyed like Sung and Jay show in this video, it makes total sense why Sung did what he did with that Datsun.