Sung Kang And Greddy Racing Collab On A ’73 Nissan 240Z For SEMA

Sung Kang And Greddy Racing Collab On A '73 Nissan 240Z For SEMA
Sung Kang And Greddy Racing Collab On A '73 Nissan 240Z For SEMA /

Actor Sung Kang is teaming up with Greddy Racing to restore a 1973 Nissan 240Z  for SEMA.

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Only the cleanest examples of Nissan 240Z’s seem to be benefiting from the massive uptick in prices for Japanese classics. For those that haven’t been shown much love, they’re oftentimes resurrected to new life thanks to a full rotisserie restoration and an engine swap. That’s exactly what Actor Sung Kang is doing according to 6SpeedOnline on their post earlier this week ( Sept. 1, 2015) in collaboration with Greddy Racing based out of sunny Irvine, Calif.

The stock Nissan 240Z ( if it’s the USDM Spec one) came from the factory with an inline six-cylinder engine with a redline of 7000 RPM and was capable of a decent 151 HP and 146 lb-ft of torque. Throw on a turbo and crank the boost up to 15+ psi and you might be lucky to see 250 HP at the crank, but then you’ll most likely start dealing with reliability issues.

As this will be a race car above all else that happens to be debuting at SEMA, power has to be sorted out. And for that Kang chose a popular swap from Nissan’s lineup of engines which is also a straight six albeit a bit bigger (but not by much, a whopping 10-12 cubic inches bigger) the mighty RB26. Most likely for reliability purposes, Kung Sang is sticking with naturally aspirated power and foregoing the forced induction models. From the factory and per Japan’s infamous gentleman’s agreement stock twin turbo RB26’s had 276 HP and 260 lb-ft although many agree that that number was woefully underrated. As Kang’s using the NA version of the RB26DE, power for that motor was rated at 217 HP and 181 lb-ft.Since Kang has smartly collaborated with Greddy Racing, they know a thing or two about RB26’s having likely built a few engines (to say the least) for clients in drifting and road racing here and overseas. Kang’s RB26DE should make plenty of reliable power when he hits the dyno.

"The guys have opted to go with the legendary RB26 powerplant in naturally-aspirated form, and after GReddy adds their magical touch, they’re expecting a rev limit of 12,000 RPM (most likely governed to 10,000 RPM for reliability reasons)."

With SEMA less than two months away (Nov. 3-6) and with what we assume to be Sung Kang’s generous budget, we’ll see a racecar worthy of the actor’s name and brimming with Greddy Racing goodness. We’ll keep you in the loop with the latest developments.

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