Mustang Versus Civic Accident Is A Small Frontal Overlap Crash In Real Life

Photo Credit: RP Productions
Photo Credit: RP Productions /

A crash between a Mustang and Civic shows you how important the small frontal overlap test really is. 

Typically when a Ford crashes at a car meet, we tend to villainize the muscle car owner for being a total hoon. According to this video upload by RP Productions they dropped earlier this weekend, while a Mustang was involved in a crash at the Galveston Car Show, the crash highlights the importance of modern car safety more so than the split second decision that caused the crash.  A Ford Mustang attempted a turn into an oncoming traffic without a clear view of what was in the other lane.  Braking too late, the Mustang crashes slightly head-on into a 9th generation Honda Civic travelling in the opposite direction. Check out the video below and place your bets beforehand on which car fared better in the collision.

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In the video, it’s clear what caused the crash in the first place. An H1 Hummer decides that the best way to direct traffic into the local car meet is to stop in the turning lane and wave drivers through one at a time at his discretion. The only problem is that his Hummer also happens to form an obstruction for anyone turning. No one in the turn lane can now see in the opposite lane and is at the whim of the Hummer driver.

Thinking that the coast is clear, the Hummer driver waves a Mustang GT through. Unfortunately, the Hummer driver doesn’t warn the Mustang GT driver of an impending crash from an approaching Honda Civic. The crash occurs and the 9th generation Honda Civic rolls into a nearby ditch with both cars suffering major damage.

In the footage following the crash, the Honda Civic suffers the tell-tale signs of a small frontal overlap test. Thanks to Honda’s ACE Body structure (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) that mission is aimed to ” distribute collision energy evenly and redirect it away from the passenger compartment, while at the same time, minimizing damage to other impacted vehicles” the Honda suffers minimal damage to the driver’s passenger cell. According to the video description, no serious injuries resulted from the crash.

Photo Credit: RP Productions
Photo Credit: RP Productions /

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Since the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety instituted the Small frontal overlap test in 2012, car manufacturers have been doing their best to beef up their safety standards in that area. This is just one of those cases seen from another car’s point of view brought to life unfortunately. Thanks to the forward thinking of Honda’s Safety Engineers and the test initiated by IIHS, the occupants of that Civic were spared from absorbing additional crash energies.