Tesla Inviting 650 Owners By Lottery To Tesla Model 3 Unveiling

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors
Photo Credit: Tesla Motors /

Tesla is unveiling the Tesla Model 3 in person only to current owners in an unveiling on March 31 somewhere in Los Angeles. 

It looks like only a few members of the press and current Tesla Model S/X owners will be privy to what the Tesla Model 3 will look like when it’s officially unveiled on March 31. That is if you want to see the Tesla Model 3 in person. According to a couple of Tesla owners off of Reddit earlier today, a special e-mail landed in their inboxes inviting them to an exclusive unveiling just for 650 current owners and their guests. Not to alienate the rest of the world, Tesla also took to Facebook to invite practically everyone else via Livestream.

With so many Tesla owners already roaming around the world, Tesla couldn’t possibly invite thousands, but they all get a chance to attend by entering their names in a lottery that will pick the invitees by lottery. We’ve linked the official invite taken via screenshot by one of the owners below.

"Tesla Model 3 Invitation"

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The Tesla Model 3, quite frankly, might be the most important product to come from Elon Musk’s brilliant mind since he started Tesla Motors back in 2003. The Tesla Roadster was his vanguard product to test the waters of the performance market. The Tesla Model S was his first serious product, overcoming the recession and winning over a niche group of like-minded people with a genuinely luxurious yet sporty sedan. And the Tesla Model X caters to the growing number of crossover owners and those that prefer SUV’s.

The Tesla Model 3 is, according to Musk, “What the world really needs…a great affordable electric car.” What we do know is that the Tesla Model 3 will meet its price target of $35,000. And that’s before government incentives drive the price down even further. Range will hover around 200 miles as that number has been quoted by Musk many times before. Sizewise, the Tesla Model 3 will be about 20 percent smaller than the Tesla Model s.

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Musk and his gigafactory have been working around the clock making sure that supply for lithium ion batteries will be there when production kicks into full steam after the unveil. It’s honestly an exciting time for the automotive world. With chances of this Tesla Model 3 being a gigantic hit, this may change motoring as we know it. Throw in some over the air updates like lane watch and brake assist for that ever important self-driving mode, and you’ve got a real winner on your hands. The market certainly has reacted well hitting a 30 day high when the bell rang at NYSE earlier today.