Hennessey Performance Just Low-Key Called Out Bugatti And Koenigsegg

Photo Credit: Hennessey
Photo Credit: Hennessey /

John Hennessey took to Instagram calling out the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera. 

Back in the day if you wanted to call out a rival you probably had to call them up during business hours or straight up knock on their door. Now you can just tag them in an Instagram post along with a bit of media doing your call out the way millennials do it. That’s exactly what John Hennessey did when according to his Instagram post that hit the web earlier Monday, he tagged Koenigsegg and Bugatti in a light-hearted call out of the year. Check out the Instagram post below and let us know who you think would win in an all-out slugfest between the three cars in the comments below.

Long before the Chiron and Regera bowed and made their official appearances at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Hennessey Performance dropped its Venom GT at last year SEMA Autoshow in Las Vegas. The Venom GT turned up the boost to 26 psi from 19 psi and now made a whopping 1451 estimated HP.  According to a couple of recent Instagram posts from Hennessey, it looks like they’re fine tuning this updated Venom GT which includes a round of dyno testing. When their recent dyno test hit 1,634 lb-ft, we’d like to think they got a bit cocky (and rightfully so) and went out and called out the other two hypercars that stole all the headlines only days prior.

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Although the Venom GT hasn’t officially tested out their projected performances to our knowledge, some of the times they posted beat the Regera and Chiron.

Zero-60 MPH in the Chiron takes 2.5 seconds and in the Regera takes 2.8 seconds. The Venom GT supposedly can do it in 2.4 seconds.

The 0-300 KMH blast in the Chiron takes 13.6 seconds while the Regera trumped that announcement hours later saying they could do it in 10.6 seconds. Them Venom GT can do it in 10.9 seconds.

While the Chiron claims a top speed of 287 MPH and the Regera has a more conservative 249 MPH top speed, the Venom GT wants to do 280 MPH plus. They already hit 270.49 MPH in their older configuration.

Sure you’ll get the haters out there that call the Venom GT a stretched Lotus and nothing more, but it’s an honest to goodness hypercar if you read the tail of the tape. There’s something to be said about a tuner company that can offer a car that can pull of the same times as those other hypercars for half the price. The Chiron and Regera both hover around $2.5M while the Venom GT sells for around $1.2(ish)M.

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We think this call-out is just what the doctor ordered and maybe in some odd-ball dimension, someone will line all three of these cars up in an epic head-to-head. We’re looking at you Clarkson, Hammond and May.