205 HP Toyota 86 Is The Most Powerful Scion FR-S That Never Was

Photo Credit: Toyota
Photo Credit: Toyota /

Toyota introduced its most powerful Scion FR-S and redubbed it the Toyota 86

Bob Dyland said, “The times, they are a changin” and this Toyota 86 is proof of an idyllic car brand gone to the wayside. Earlier Wednesday, Toyota officially introduced the Toyota 86 to the world previously known as the Scion FR-S.

Not wanting this newest member of the Toyota family to feel like a simple rebadge job, Toyota has slapped on an updated front fascia and added a bit more power (+5HP and +5 lb-ft.) Take a look at some of the official photos from Toyota below and let us know what you think about this 86 in the comments below?

Photo Credit: Toyota
Photo Credit: Toyota /
Photo Credit: Toyota
Photo Credit: Toyota /

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Underneath the hood, the Subaru-based boxer four remains relatively unchanged now benefitting from what we assume are ECU tweaks and a free-flowing intake and exhaust. If you opt for the six-speed manual, look forward to additional performance from a gear ratio change. Hill start assist control now comes standard.

Helping to keep things civilized and sporty around corners, Toyota has retuned the shocks and increased the spring rate. Whether or not this helps or deters its drift happy nature has yet to be determined.

Styling wise, the biggest change is to the front bumper. This 86 definitely wears a meaner look. The front now sports a much larger and wider front intake grille with two small indentations highlighting its aggressive look. It’s as if Toyota was encouraging the aftermarket to fit a front mount intercooler on the other side. Like its Corolla brethren, LED headlights are now standard as well as LED taillights out back. A new set of wheels compliments every corner.

Inside, you’d be hard pressed to find differences between the FR-S and this 86.  The dash and instrument panel gets new material Toyota calls “Grandlux” that carries over to the door trim. Silver stitching embroiders the steering wheel and seats.

Debuting alongside the 86 in New York at the NY International Auto Show will be the Toyota CH-R, Toyota’s urban crossover that would’ve also been a Scion only months prior.

We’re glad Toyota hasn’t given up on the Scion FR-S and what it stands for, a performance oriented Toyota of years prior. Rumor has it that there are serious updates in store for the 86 in its next generation. A partnership with Mazda hints at a new engine and revised styling.

This Toyota 86 may be enough to satisfy the Toyota faithful for now. But the way sales are going, Toyota 86 2.0 better be good enough to prod sales in the right direction. 554 sales last February is just pitiful.

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Now might be a good time to head on over to your local Scion dealership and scrape up any remaining FR-S’s that are hanging around.