Porsche 918: Insane Pricing On Replacement Parts Revealed

Photo Credit: Porsche
Photo Credit: Porsche /

A Parts specialist who works at a Porsche dealership revealed some of the insane pricing on replacement parts for a Porsche 918. 

“You’ve got to pay to play” sounds so cliche but when it comes to exotic car ownership, you’d better believe it. A Porsche Parts specialist happened to pop up on Reddit’s /r/cars subreddit and revealed some of the insane (but understandable) pricing for replacement parts on a Porsche 918.  Replacement parts like a whole new engine will cost you $260,000 alone not considering labor. Need a new bumper? That’ll cost you $10,000 without paint. Check out the list of screenshotted prices below. You just might feel better about driving your paid off 2006 Toyota Corolla.

"View post on imgur.com"

"View post on imgur.com"

We’ve gone ahead and saved  you the trouble of scrolling through the photos and listed out the prices below.

  • Clutch- $14,479
  • Replacement engine- $262,951
  • Bucket seat- $15,744
  • Pair of fenders- $48,038
  • Rear bumper $16,138
  • Front bumper- $11,255
  • Hood- $30,274
  • Flat underbelly- $52,677
  • Transmission- $69,239
  • Crankshaft- $7,108
  • Spoiler- $28,352
  • Engine unit carrier- $88,176
  • Floor mats- $537
  • Brake discs- $9,000

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Conceived, designed, and built over the span of less than five years. The Porsche 918 isn’t your average Porsche. Far from it. With space age materials in the chassis and body, a one of a kind 4.6L V8 engine supplemented by a pair of electric motors and a sophisticated suspension system to make quick work of corners, parts are going to be expensive.  And with an MSRP of $845,000, these prices don’t seem to unreasonable.

At the end of the day, you’re basically purchasing a limited run of handcrafted race car parts for  a one of a kind racecar. With so few Porsche 918’s made (there where only 918 units) it would be unreasonable for Porsche to stock replacement parts for a car Porsche dealerships will most likely never service on a daily basis. When a part is needed, in all likelihood, a part will have to be handcrafted from scratch with all the prior tooling of course. Hence, the insane pricing on parts.


Consider for the price of a new engine, you can purchase a 2016 Audi R8 V10 plus still have money left over for a 2016 VW Golf R to hoon around with on the side.

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If you’re going to buy an exotic car, expect to pay exotic prices for little things here and their during your ownership. If you can’t, there are a myriad of affordable sports cars that can perform at 8/10ths of these hypercars at a fraction of the cost of ownership.