Watch Remi Gaillard Pull Off A Hilarious Blind Motorist Prank

Photo Credit: Remi Gallard
Photo Credit: Remi Gallard /

Remi Gaillard reveals his latest extreme prank with blind motorist. 

Hang around on the internet long enough and you’ll run into O.G. Youtuber and all around funny guy Remi Gaillard. With such extreme pranks like running onto a professional soccer match disguised as a real player and crashing a Mr. Universe competition without training, his pranks have gained a legendary status.

Remi Gaillard just dropped his latest prank which shows a blind motorist navigating city and freeway roads with the aid of a walking stick. Check out the video below and let us know what you think about this insane prank in the comments below.

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The video starts off with a couple of gaffes showcasing Remi walking around his hometown in France with a walking stick in some of the most ridiculous circumstances. First, Remi navigates a moving sidewalk going the wrong direction in a never ending loop. Faith in humanity restored comes when a couple of nice people help him finally get off. Next we see Remi navigate a circular roundabout, again stuck in an infinite circular loop.

When he’s in his car, Remi is bumping and driving into all sorts of sidewalks and sticking his pointer out the window in an attempt to “feel” the white lines. In one case Remi passes a police officer handing out a ticket with the officer not even giving his antics a second look. And in another, Remi slams into a gas station divider scaring a motorist filling up on the other side.

Towards the end of the video we see Remi revealing the rub behind his prank to his random participants so we don’t really feel bad for his awkward and sometimes highly illegal pranks.

While hilarious, with the way autonomous driving technology is progressing, there may come a time in our lifetime when blind people can indeed hop into a car and drive. Four years ago, Google wowed the internet showing how a blind man drove a Toyota Prius without any driver intervention from his supervising passenger thanks to autonomous driving technology.

We’re not sure if Remi decided to shed some light on blind people being able to drive in the near future, but we’d like to think he did. And as always, we look forward to whatever prank Remi has up his sleeve in the future.