600 HP Honda Civic Coupe Rallycross Car Is A Grocery Getter On Roids

Photo Credit: Redbull
Photo Credit: Redbull /

Redbull Global Rally Cross announced that Honda will be taking part in the 2016 Redbull Global Rallycross Championship Series. 

It looks like Honda has upped their street cred and threw their hat in the Redbull Global Rallycross ring. Earlier today Redbull Rallycross announced that Honda is collaborating with Olsberg MSE in bringing two Honda Civic Coupe’s to this season’s Rallycross Championship series.

"In partnership with Red Bull and GRC powerhouse team Olsbergs MSE, the iconic brand’s new Civic Coupe will grace GRC circuits throughout the series this year at the hands of Supercar aces Sebastian Eriksson and 2014 GRC champ Joni Wiman."

With 600 HP on tap and the ability to hit 60 MPH (on dirt) in 1.9 seconds, this may be the ultimate tuner car that Honda fans will reference when conversations steer towards engine power potential. Check out some of photos of the official Honda Rallycross build below and let us know what you think about this Honda Civic on ‘roids in the comments below.

2016.3.22 Civic (1)
2016.3.22 Civic (1) /
2016.3.22 Civic (2) - Copy
2016.3.22 Civic (2) - Copy /
Photo Credit: Redbull
Photo Credit: Redbull /

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As with all things racing, function takes priority over form. And with rallycross racing emphasizing strong acceleration on all types of road surfaces as well as the ability to traverse large elevation changes and jumps, this will be a test of Honda’s engineering out of the box as well as just how much abuse these Civic chassis can take.

Don’t get us wrong, these Civics will be far from stock. The interiors are spartan with every conceivable unnecessary accessory and luxury stripped.  Multi-way adjustable suspensions will make quick work of jumps. And a fixed roll cage will stiffen the chassis as well as protect the driver.

The screaming heart of this Global rallycross car will utilize a Honda block per series rule requirements. We’re not sure what block Oldsberg MSE will use but we wouldn’t be surprised if they take a page from the K20Z3 block found in the current Honda Civic Type R. In stock guise that Type R motor already makes 306 HP and 295 lb-ft.

Then again, we also wouldn’t be all that taken aback if Oldsberg MSE stuff Honda’s 1.5L L15B7 from the new Civic and swaps their tiny snail for a giant Garrett turbo. From a marketing standpoint, this would probably make more sense.

Nevertheless, this Honda Civic Coupe does raise the profile of this new Civic as…dare we say…cool. If anything, it will get a couple of Honda fans tuning in to watch their home brand hero traverse some wicked jumps and compete against the likes of Ford, Subaru, Hyundai, and Citroen.

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Global Rallycross will be a test of endurance for Oldsberg MSE and Honda. With 12 rounds, this isn’t for manufacturers who are feint of heart. Global rallycross kicks off in May in Arizona and culminates five months later in Los Angeles.