Cutest Traffic Stop: Fresno Police Pull Over 1 Year Old In Mini SLS Convertible

Photo Credit: Fresno Police Department via Facebook
Photo Credit: Fresno Police Department via Facebook /

Fresno police pulled off one of the cutest traffic stops in the world by pulling over a 1-year-old in her SLS convertible power wheels. 

It looks like this 1-year-old in her SLS Convertible power wheels just got her first ticket. The infraction? For being too cute. Earlier yesterday according to the Fresno Police department, it looks like one traffic officer took part in a bit of good-natured community policing by “pulling over” one-year-old Avery and presenting her with a Junior Motor Officer Sticker Badge as well as a wishing her a happy Easter.

Check out the full album of photos by heading clicking here. We’ve also provided a piece of social media that’s been floating around showcasing the adorable traffic stop below.

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According to the captions on the photos, Easter Sunday is a popular time for families to head to local parks to enjoy a bit of R&R and quality time. And it being Easter and all means that although vigilance is never wavering from these men in blue, it’s mostly a relaxing affair for both police and Fresno community members.

Seeing a lone Mercedes SLS convertible power wheels putting around the grass with just the cutest kid was an opportunity for a photo op to give the parents and was a chance to show that police aren’t all that serious. In a full show of good-natured fun, Officer Castillo flipped his reds and blues on and approached the young motorist in one of those epic viral photos that’ll stand the test of time.

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We’re sure young Avery will appreciate this photo when she finally starts driving on her own. And we’re doubly sure her parent’s will probably reference this photo from time to time if she ever gets into trouble with the law on the road.

Props to the Fresno Police department for being upstanding officers and spreading a bit of love and humor.