Watch The Full Ferrari F40 Snow Drift Video Here

Photo Credit: Red Bull Japan
Photo Credit: Red Bull Japan /

Red Bull Japan in collaboration with U.S. producer Luke Huxham just dropped one of the most epic Ferrari F40 videos of all time. 

We know you’re here to check out the epic Ferrari F40 snow video so if you want, go ahead and skip these introduction paragraphs and check out the full film we’re embedded two paragraphs below.

You might not know the name Takeshi Kimura but if you’re a gearhead, you’ve probably seen his awesome collection of Italian exotics ripping it up in the hills of Japan on more than one instance. Foregoing the traditional track days, Kimura is known to take his Ferrari F40, of all places, camping in the hills of Nagano.

This latest collaboration with Red Bull Japan showcases just that. Aptly dubbed, “A Day In The Life,” the short film follows what Takeshi does on one of his many camping excursions. Oh, and he’s piloting a Ferrari F40. Check out this awesome video below and let us know what you think about such an awesome use of an exotic in the comments below.

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If you’ve seen one of those video where you follow the average daily routine of any one person, you get the gist of the video. We first find Takeshi waking up in his home somewhere in the outskirts of Nagano Prefecture. We get a couple of hints of a camping excursion is in the works when we first catch a glimpse of his Ferrari F40.

Instead of being pristinely taken cared for in a temperature controlled environment with a nice carnauba sheen glistening off the paint, this one is rough and ready. With a roof rack on top of this Italian exotic and a set of quad-yellow fogs on the front hood, this isn’t your average camping vehicle.

We follow Takeshi to the outskirts of the 1998 Winter Games. After stopping off at a rental shop for some tire chains, the real fun begins. Sure, he’s going camping but the fun is almost always in the journey. As the sun sets and night turns into day we hear  and see the sights and sounds of that twin turbo charged V8 and all its 478 HP echoing throughout the mountain side.

And thanks to the smooth camera work, gratuitous slow-mo shots and impeccable editing done by the duo that is Beyond Visuals, we end up with one of the greatest car mashups of all time. Camping and 1980’s supercar madness.

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The story is well crafted together and the combination of the two juxtaposes in that sort of viral combo that’ll make you want to hit share.We love to see supercars used in unconventional manners and this video ticks all the boxes. We can’t wait to see what the mind of director Luke Huxham comes up with next.