This Matte Black AMG GT3 Is What Darth Vader Would Drive In Super GT

Photo Credit: Bullet Proof Automotive
Photo Credit: Bullet Proof Automotive /

Video showcases a brand new AMG GT3 racecar being broken in for Super GT.

Earlier late last year Mercedes unveiled its newest FIA Spec racecar that would become the successor to their wildly  SLS AMG. According to Bulletproof Automotive off of a Facebook post they put up earlier Tuesday, this matte black AMG GT3 is a Super GT-spec race car that’ll be making its debut when Super GT kicks off its season in April.

Delivered in a matte black finish before race teams slap on their own livery, you can’t deny that these race cars look surprisingly similar to tie fighters on the ground. Suffice to say, this is what Darth Vader himself would probably drive if he ever drove in Super GT in that alternate universe where Jedi and Sith battle in race cars on the racetracks of Japan. Check out the full drool worthy video below.

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Utilizing the same V8 engines found in the old SLS AMG, this new 6.3-liter V8 stays naturally aspirated in its racecar trim. Although the power figures in a stock AMG GT hover around 500 HP, you can expect these V8’s to be severely restricted in power all the way down to 300 HP thanks to air intake restrictions put in per class rules.

That doesn’t mean all that lovely aerodynamic downforce from AMG’s engineering team isn’t as effective nor as wicked looking.

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Out of the 30 competitors that will be vying for a podium in Super GT’s GT300 classification, at least 4 teams will be running the all new AMG GT’s. One team will be running the old SLS GT’s. We’ll be curious to see where the old SLS finishes compared to these new GT’s .