Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala Makes Lyft Prank

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Lyft
Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Lyft /

For some NBA players, April Fools Day comes early.

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For people that are unfamiliar with Lyft, it works similarly to Uber. People choose to use their own cars as a taxi service. If there is an advantage to using Lyft as a driver, it is the ability to earn tips from new passengers. Lately, they have had a bit of a campaign to involve celebrity athletes on their YouTube channel. Danica Patrick and Jerry Rice have been involved before.

Andre Iguodala

was the latest to participate.

Golden State Warriors 2015 Finals MVP Andre Iguodala, went out to prank Festus Ezeli.

Life in the NBA is no joke. Maintaining one’s health at the NBA level is of utmost importance. Andre wanted to prank Festus Ezeli, saying he’s been cut from the World Champion Golden State Warriors because of some injury issues he had in the past.

I wouldn’t want to mess with these guys.

Andre Iguodala and the crew set up the prank really well, using a fake radio station to announce that Festus Ezeli had been cut by the Warriors. It really helps when the announcer says, “…two sources close to the Warriors said..”

Man that’s harsh.

On top of that, people close to Festus were texting him on the phone. Basically, the whole Warriors team, including Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry were texting him. The fact that Andre called Festus to see what’s up, really topped everything off.

The Lyft driver obviously in on it, but even Andre controlled what he should say.

This prank was well executed.

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Admittedly, Festus did make a quick endorsement, even if it was meant in jest. He said, “Looks like I’ll be getting a job over here with Lyft.”

Ultimately, in the end, Festus had some revenge.