Tesla Model 3 Photo Leaked On Instagram


We have all been anxious to see the latest Tesla Model 3.

Instead of being under covers, Marc Carter of The Torque Report snapped a photo on his Instagram account, @marc.carter.

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Is that what you expected?  The design does fit the description of what was said about the Tesla Model 3 yesterday.  The design does make it look taller, but the hood looks a bit flatter.  I wonder how long the wheelbase actually is.  It’s tough to see out towards the rear of the vehicle, but it appears to have a similar design cue of the Mercedes CLS models and the Audi A7 models with the rounded three-quarter area to the trunk.  In fact, the size and shape may closely resemble the 2016 Civic with the rounded end on a shorter wheel base vehicle.

Photo Credit: Honda
Photo Credit: Honda /

While it is just a quick photo, chances are, it’ll look better in person.  It certainly has no resemblance to a BMW i3, which has a shape that may remind a few of the Honda Element.  Instead, this particular model, which looks like it has the 18″ wheels from a Model S, appears more like a reduced Model X.

If that’s the case, then that would make the most sense.  Extensive aluminum construction can be costly and with a price point starting at $35,000, it would make sense to benefit from parts that required minimal redesign.

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Overall, this one model can shift the automotive world.  The Prius is everywhere.  The Tesla Model S brought electric car performance to the fore front.  The Tesla Model X brought electric car performance to a sport utility market.  Now?  The Tesla Model 3 can bring electric car performance to a wider market of consumers.