Watch This Burly Mechanic Lift An RX-8 Transmission Off The Floor And Into Place

Photo Credit: Jacob Haverland via Instagram
Photo Credit: Jacob Haverland via Instagram /

Instagram video shows a mechanic lifting up an RX-8 transmission into place without the use of a hydraulic jack. 

If you drive your car hard, your car is prone to repairs, or your car just won’t go into gear you might find yourself needing to remove the transmission altogether. Transmissions are big, dirty, heavy, and the require a bit of precision to install. But not if you’re Jacob Havelind. An Instagram video posted by the amateur body builder (posted below) shows him hoisting up a whole transmission unit into the chassis of a Mazda RX-8.

A cursory search on Google reveals that a Mazda RX-8 transmission weighs in the range of about 140-160 pounds depending if all the fluid has been drained and if there have been modifications done to the gearing. Unlike regular weights you might find at the gym, a transmission has its weight distributed more towards the front end of the bell housing than the other. As such, it isn’t the easiest piece of equipment to pick up. Check out the video for yourself below and let us know if you could lift such piece of automotive equipment yourself in the comments below.

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What’s most surprising is how with relative ease he manages to hoist the honking piece of metal into place. According to his replies on a facebook thread also sharing his video, his friend was filming and had the proper nuts and bolts at hand to hand over to him when the time was needed.

As it was filmed in a proper automotive garage, we’re sure there was a transmission jack lurking in the corner. But why lift it half way onto a jack and position it if you can lift it all the way yourself?

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Whoever said that weight lifting has no functional purpose in real life situations obviously doesn’t know this guy. Keep doing what you’re doing Jacob and rest assured we’ll be monitoring your IG page from time to time to see more automotive herculean feats of strength.