Lewis Hamilton Snapchats like D’Angelo Russell of the Lakers

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Twitter @F1
Photo Credit: Screenshot via Twitter @F1 /

The difference is, Lewis Hamilton hasn’t gotten in trouble yet.

A lot of news has happened in Laker land the past week.  Johnny Manziel attended the last game.  Lamar Odom made a sighting on the bench.  But, it was the outing of Nick Young’s personal life that made all of the headlines.

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D’Angelo Russell recorded video of Nick Young revealing pieces of his personal life.  Somehow the story may also involve Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea.  Frankly, I don’t even want to repeat the story.  Unfortunately, that video spread virally and has led to some mistrust within the team and the Laker organization.  D’Angelo Russell admitted he didn’t know how the video spread.  There were rumors of teammates isolating D’Angelo Russell, on and off the court.  At least D’Angelo Russell admitted to his mistake and wants to move on.

Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, was banned from using Snapchat on the F1 paddock.  Did it stop him?  No.  Frankly, lots of rule changes in Formula One have only made the sport less appealing to watch, even from the most dedicated of F1 fans.

"According to GMM of Autoweek, Lewis Hamilton will continue a slightly more rebellious attitude.“It doesn’t bother me what people say,” said the Briton.“When I was younger, I held more back, but as I separated from my father as my manager, I got my first tattoo and the move to Mercedes was the decisive step to showing who I am.”Read more: http://autoweek.com/article/formula-one/lewis-hamilton-banned-using-snapchat-f1-paddock#ixzz44hYEGrtY"

Fortunately for Lewis Hamilton, his Snapchat videos haven’t gotten him into too much trouble.  Reprimands seem a bit light, or even nonexistant.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for D’Angelo Russell, who is perceived more as a kid, rather than full-fledged NBA professional.  Both guys work absolutely hard on their craft and it’s tough to see something impede on their progress professionally.

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Admittedly, at least Lewis Hamilton has some clout, having one a few Formula One championships.  This actually keeps Formula One fans more interested in the sport, amidst a plethora of rule changes over the years.  D’Angelo Russell, on the other hand, still needs to carry the Lakers into the playoffs.