Top Gear Amazon Show Needs New Name

Top Gear's Clarkson, May, And Hammond Sign With Amazon Video
Top Gear's Clarkson, May, And Hammond Sign With Amazon Video /

Hammond, May, and Clarkson struggle to come up with a new name for the “Amazon Top Gear.”

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James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson united car enthusiasts throughout the world for well over a decade.  Not only did they bring out the best cars to review, but they also brought a lighter side to the life of being a car enthusiasts.  We’re crazy people.  We would build a Caterham from scratch if we could.  We would have that one friend nicknamed Captain Slow learn to drive with Mika Hakkinen and Sir Jackie Stewart to get faster.  We are also absolutely rubbish with ideas and execution.

Even Jeremy Clarkson reached out on Twitter.  Watching them brainstorm is like watching my friends and I trying to figure out what to do after Cars and Coffee. The video is hilarious.

Frankly, I can’t even come up with ideas.  There are added restrictions that don’t help the matter.

As an avid fan of the show, I remember when race car driver Tiff Needell and Vicky Butler were part of the Top Gear crew.  It was Jeremy Clarkson’s job to review the car for us daily driving folk, while Needles and Butler took the cars out to the track to test the true capabilities of the car.  After all, we all want performance out of our cars right?  Later on, Tiff and Vicky started their own show called Fifth Gear, while Clarkson, Hammond, and a new member started season one of Top Gear.  James May rounded off the trio well when he began during the second season.

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Do you have any ideas for the show?  I can’t help but think of other words that rhyme with, “gear.”  Top Beer wouldn’t be allowed.  Top Meer has its’ limitations.  Top Peer sounds like a social club with a hierarchy problem.  Top Tier?  Well, that is the kind of gas that is available in the United States.  At least it’s automotive related.  Having a word that rhymes with, “gear” for the new name would be quite cheeky, and frankly, something that Clarkson would agree on.

What do you guys think?  Share your ideas in the comments below.