Watch It Here: SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Successfully Nails First Ocean Barge Landing

Photo Credit: SpaceX via Live Stream
Photo Credit: SpaceX via Live Stream /

SpaceX just nailed its first ever Ocean Barge Landing in epic fashion. 

If you fail to succeed, try, try, try, try and try again. Elon Musk and his brilliant team of engineers have tried five times before to successfully launch a rocket and land that same rocket back to earth. According to SpaceX and confirmed by their live broadcast they’ve definitely succeeded in pulling off the first ever ocean barge landing of their SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

For months now SpaceX has been futily sending out Falcon9 rockets to the ISS and attempting to land it on an ocean barge in the middle of the Ocean. The barge has been aptly named, “Of Course I Still Love You” in homage to its numerous attempts. But today marks an important point in space exploration and cost efficiency as now this rocket can be used again (and hopefully again and again.) Check out that awesome video below and let us know what you think of this awesome feat of engineering in the comments below. Also, check out the launch video as well.

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You can imagine the literally thousands of engineers went ecstatic at the sight of their rocket making a successful landing after so many tries. If you listen in on the live broadcast we’ve posted you can hear all the whooping and hollering at their accomplishment.

SpaceX’s last attempt to land Falcon 9 on an ocean barge came so close as at the last second the rocket came in too fast for reentry. Although they’ve shown that they can re-land a rocket on solid earth, some reentries must take place on an ocean barge so this is just proof of concept.

SpaceX typically contracts out their refueling missions to the tune of $60M but now that they can refurbish these rockets, operational costs are now two-thirds as expensive at around $40M.

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If you’d like more information on just how exactly Falcon 9 pulls off this amazing show of engineering, some kind folks over at Reddit have spelled it out for you.

All in all it’s, it’s a monumental task and a special day for space travel history.