Tesla Model S: This Is Definitely The New Facelifted Front End

Photo Credit: Electrek.com
Photo Credit: Electrek.com /

This is what the new front end styling for the Tesla Model S will look like. 

If you didn’t already know, Tesla Motors is ready to unveil a refreshed Tesla Model S. With plans to announce all the details later today, the chances of someone leaking what that updated design language will look like increase as the moment comes near. And here we have it. The images we’ve posted below are indeed what the new updated Tesla Model S will look like.

Ahead of the official unveil, it looks like a couple of Tesla employees working early today were privy to the updated advertisements being put up around their store. These latest images come courtesy of a someone who submitted shots of the advertisement to Electrek.com

Check out those photos below and let us know what you think about the updated design language below in the comments!

Photo Credit: Electrek.com
Photo Credit: Electrek.com /

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When Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Model 3 earlier last month, he wasn’t only introducing a totally new car, but a new direction in design language as well. According to these photos, we say farewell to a grille and welcome a new grille-less age.

In addition, in comparison to the Tesla Model X, these two share very similar front end designs. Except for a slight slit in the front, this new front end is all functional, meant to cut the wind in that all important quest to improve aerodynamics.

2015.9.30 Tesla Model X 3
2015.9.30 Tesla Model X 3 /

For this new Tesla Model S, besides that new front end, there are a couple of obvious features to look for. We expect at least a bigger battery in the 100 kWh range. Look for the P100D moniker to be thrown around.

Available on the Tesla Model X is the “Bioweapon Defense Mode” air filtration system which should carry over as well.

Inside, expect Tesla to posh things up with more luxurious touch points and leathers. Outside, a few LED headlights and accents should suffice to spruce things up.

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And most importantly, the popularity of the Tesla Model 3 has raised the tide of prices for the rest of the lineup so expect a price bump across the board for every Tesla Model S trim level.