Have $2.7 Million Lying Around? Buy Hennessey Performance’s Drag Strip

Photo Credit: Hennessey
Photo Credit: Hennessey /

Hennessey Performance is selling its quarter-mile drag strip for $2.7 million.

There are a lot of things $2.7 million will get you: one Bugatti Chiron, roughly six Lamborghini Aventadors, or approximately 11 Ferrari 488 GTBs. Now, that large sum of money will also get one lucky enthusiast Hennessey Performance’s quarter-mile drag strip.

Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance
Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance /

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Hennessey Performance is one of the few tuners in America that has its own test track, but that could change as the tuner is selling its 55-acre facility on Racing Junk for the whopping price of $2.7 million. Located on Interstate 10, which is just 45 minutes west of Houston, TX, the lot includes air conditioned concessions stands, staging lanes, seating for 800 people, timing equipment, a control tower, a fuel barn and more.  Imagine the cars that Hennessey has tested on that drag strip.  Is there a minimum horsepower limit?  What more could a gearhead ask for?

The Lonestar Motorsports Park is an IHRA sanctioned quarter-mile drag strip that holds events every month and is operational. While Hennessey Performance is located right next door to the drag strip, the tuner is not for sale as John Hennessey hopes to use to sale to benefit the business.

Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance
Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance /

In a conversation with Jalopnik’s Black Flag, Hennessey revealed why the tuner is selling the drag strip, “We’ve owned it about a dozen years and it’s worth more now.” With the sale, Hennessey hopes to reinvest the funds into the business side by expanding production from roughly 400 cars a year to more than 1,000.

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It should be noted that an additional 70 acres next to the drag strip is also on sale for an unnamed price and would give a wealthy investor an enormous amount of space to create an epic road course. The possibilities are endless, and having Hennessey Performance as a neighbor would be a great thing, but $2.7 million is an insane amount of money.