What Don’t We Know About The Tesla Model X?

Screenshot via YouTube, Edmunds
Screenshot via YouTube, Edmunds /

Edmunds made a quick video about the exciting features of a Tesla Model X.

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Say the word “Tesla,” and people think of electric cars, an innovative brand, an environmentally friendly company, and advanced technology.  The Tesla Model 3 is the latest vehicle that has the consumer interests piqued.  However, in a world of sport-utility-vehicles, the Model X puts a different spin on what defines a sport utility vehicle.  We think of tall vehicles that carry up to eight seats.  We think of something rugged, reliable, and takes a beating no matter what road we drive it on.  The Tesla Model X has a far different approach.

When was the last time you took your SUV off-road?  While there is a growing number of people that fully utilize the capabilities of their trucks and sport-utility-vehicles, a large number of them are for trips to soccer practice and large Costco shopping grabs.

The Tesla Model X brings the ultimate in refinement and luxury with sport-utility-space.  Is that a door handle on your car?  The Tesla Model X just requires a quick push on the edge of the handle.  There’s nothing to grab.  The doors expand out enough to create space, while avoiding contact with its’ immediate surroundings.  The moonroof option you checked off on your vehicle?  It basically comes stock with the massive windshield allowing for tremendous visibility; nearly a full 90* from typical driver line-of-sight, to just over head.

Next wave technology is also included.  Want to summon your vehicle?  It can be done through your iPhone.  What about estimated range?  Can I cool the interior of the car prior to entry?  Yes you can.  Both can also be accessed through the iPhone.

Frankly, I’m generally impressed with the idea of the door automatically opening for you, assuming you have the key fob for the vehicle.  Even with your hands full, ingress doesn’t have to be so difficult.

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Ultimately though, the Tesla Model X can mirror the performance of a Model S with certain specifications.  Those quick 0-60 times with loads of torque at 0 rpm feel like a very hard shove, instead of waiting for the build of revs to get to peak power.

Tesla vehicles require an entire rethink of what an electric car is.  The Model X, may just have you rethink what a sport-utility-vehicle is all about.’