Alfa Romeo Giulia, Finally Driven

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Faster Than M4 Round The 'Ring By 13 Seconds
Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Faster Than M4 Round The 'Ring By 13 Seconds /

The Alfa Romeo Giulia may help spur on the comeback into the U.S., but is it enough?

Jeremy Clarkson once said, “You can’t be a true petrolhead, until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo.”  Ever think to wonder why?

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Before there was Ferrari, there was Alfa Romeo.  Enzo Ferrari began as a driver for Alfa Romeo.  Alfa Romeo began with a rich racing history, brooded with early dominance in F1.  In fact, they were so dominant, that the F1 cars had extra time to pit, clean up, then cross the line for a cleaner car for the finish photos.  Clearly, they know a thing or two about performance.  They also know a thing or two about style and class.  With the latest Giulia, it looks like they are returning back to their roots.

Preparations Are Underway To Debut Alfa Romeo Giulia With Ferrari V6
Preparations Are Underway To Debut Alfa Romeo Giulia With Ferrari V6 /

Lately, Alfa Romeo has been more of an afterthought.  They haven’t been in the United States since the late 80’s.  The only real connection that most people have to the brand is, “That Graduate car.”

Alfa has tried to bring the brand back to these shores, similarly to Tesla.  Just as Tesla began with the Roadster, Alfa brought the 4C.  After the Tesla Roadster, began production of the Model S.  Well, Alfa finally allowed automotive journalists a fair shake in their latest sedan offering, the Giulia.

Henry Catchpole of EVO magazine stated in his review, “I just found myself grinning an awful lot every time I got behind the wheel, which has to be a good thing.”

The Giulia comes with several engine choices, but the one that stands out the most is the 2.9 liter turbo-charged engine (F40 reference anyone?) capable of 500 bhp in Quadrifoglio trim.  That power goes through an rear-wheel-drive system capable of torque vectoring.

While the Alfa Romeo Giulia will undoubtedly compete against the Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi, it provides a far sharper design with a driving experience geared to automotive purists.  Chances are, the U.S. versions will come in both automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission linked to the incredible engine.

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The latest from Alfa Romeo shows that the performance and style are still there.  Chances are, the engine will be a bit more visceral than its’ German rivals.  The drive?  Expect to be far more engaging as well.

We can’t wait for the full reviews of the latest Giulia.  The initial impressions leave us wanting more.