The Simpsons: Homer Drives Morgan 3-Wheeler

Screenshot via YouTube, AnimationDomination
Screenshot via YouTube, AnimationDomination /

The most recent episode of the Simpsons was one for the car guys.

It’s been awhile since we have test driven a car, but the most recent one was the Morgan 3-wheeler.  It was undoubtedly unique, but provides the intangibles of what great driving is all about, without any of the modern niggles that take away from the driving experience.  Homer Simpson took the classic Morgan 3-wheeler for a spin.

Jay Leno stars as a guest while driving his Citroen DS (of course).

It’s not the first time that the Simpsons has been linked to the automotive world.  I recall an old episode when Homer helped design the Homermobile.  It was absolutely crazy looking, so you can imagine how I felt when I saw the car in real life at Cars and Coffee.

Cars and Coffee Irvine, Homermobile
Cars and Coffee Irvine, Homermobile /
Cars and Coffee Irvine, Homermobile
Cars and Coffee Irvine, Homermobile /

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In this

particular episode

, Homer Simpson goes through the stereotypical story of what a car guy goes through.  No spoilers here.  Okay, maybe one.  Homer Simpson enjoys his drive with the Morgan 3-wheeler and has a little song and dance about it.  Admittedly I love the humor of the entire situation, from his reaction of the drive, to the reaction from everyone else.

It’s just nice to see a Simpsons episode that ever car guy or gear head can relate to.

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Overall, I would highly recommend watching the episode.  I’m not as avid a fan of the Simpsons as I used to be, but if there’s something lacking in the car world, it’s a show that we can relate to, that has a familiar style of humor.

Hopefully that’ll go away with the latest version of Top Gear or The Grand Tour.  In the meantime, this episode can hold us off for a bit.