Forza 6 Racing Championship Coming to Xbox One

Forza 6 2016 #66 Ford GT LeMans (Photo Microsoft)
Forza 6 2016 #66 Ford GT LeMans (Photo Microsoft) /

Get ready for some hot racing action this summer with the Forza 6 Championship Racing event coming to Xbox One.

Free car
Microsoft announced free downloads of the 2016 #66 Ford GT LeMans (Photo Microsoft) /

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios know that the future of eSports racing is here to stay. Since the debut of Forza 6, they have been hard at work incorporating online competitive racing action and it is attracting a lot of attention. This year alone, some of the biggest names in Motorsports have signed on to be a part of the action, including Top Gear, NASCAR, and Formula E. The staff of Turn 10 just made us eSports racers very happy with the announcement of the new Forza 6 Racing Championship debut this summer. The Forza Racing Championship will take everything that is great about the Forza franchise, including the cars (they got over 600 of em!), tracks, and authentic gameplay, and bring it all together for racers to compete for not only bragging rights but actual real-world prizes!

Luv Rio
Forza 6 Ford GT racing in Rio (Photo YouTube) /

This competition isn’t just for Pro-level gamers. The Forza 6 Championship will cater to both first time racers as well as veterans of the sport. This unique leveling system will aim at giving every racer a fair shot at driving for top prizes.

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In celebration of the Forza Racing Championship and Ford’s return to LeMans, the team at Forza Motorsports has announced they will be giving away free download codes for the 2016 #66 Ford GT LeMans race car to any gamer who owns the game.  There is also a new LeMans-themed Rivals event to add to the festivities this week.  I have already received the email from Microsoft that my Ford GT was ready for download, and the car is sweet!

Nick Backside
2017 Ford GT Rear (Photo YouTube) /

Here is the official Forza 6 video announcement for the Forza Motorsports 6 Racing Championship coming the summer.

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