Getting Back To Work On Your Project Car

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Get Some Friends To Help

I know there is pride in doing things yourself. When it comes to major car projects, four hands are better than two and six hands are better than four. There is nothing more deflating than being into a project and having something that should take 30 minutes take all day.

Most car guys are willing to help out another car guy. That is where we get to tell the stories about our favorite cars, share some knowledge and get away from our kids. You also get to show off your project. Then completing something on your list with your buddy feels great.

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The majority of skills I have learned over the years have come from working with others. You will learn more from other car guys than you will from any show or repair manual. Also, you will find car guys have specialty tools or tricks that you never thought of that will save you hours or dollars.

I am the guy around my circle of friends that has most of the tools, so people call me to help. I love to do it. Then there was when I needed to pull the transfer case from the Bronco I called my buddies. That saved my back and cut the time involved in half.

Don’t let pride get in the way of getting something done. Asking for help does not mean you can’t do it, it means time with friends talking about cars. On a Saturday afternoon, that is not a bad way to spend the day. Out here it ends in a BBQ and bonfire talking about all that we got finished.