Ford Raptor Gets Power Bump And Better Mileage in 2017

Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images)
Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images) /

Ford revealed the new specifications for its off-road workhorse. The twin turbo 3.5l V6 gets help powering the slimmed down 2017 truck.

The Ford Raptor has been a popular model since its inception. The off-road specialty vehicle had been powered by Ford’s 6.2l V8. In 2017 it gets upgraded to the twin turbo intercooled 3.5l high output EcoBoost.

The upgrades do not stop there either. An all new ten-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting capabilities smooths the ride while still giving immense control in off-road situations. The onboard new Terrain Management System gives the driver six automatic options to tackle any driving condition.

Other changes and the all aluminum body make it so Ford was able to trim 500lbs from the weight of the truck. The reduced weight combined with the new Ecoboost allowed the 2017 Ford Raptor to achieve 16mpg. A nice jump from 13mpg in 2016.

You might think that all this comes at the cost of horsepower or torque. Well, think again. The 2017 Raptor goes from 411hp up to 450hp. On the bottom end, the new Ecoboost jumps from 434lb-ft to an astounding 500lb-ft.

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The Ecoboost has been a game changer for Ford since its introduction. Being able to be used in the Mustang and the Raptor is a prime example of the versatility of the small 3.5l workhorse. The tunability of the Ecoboost has made it an ideal choice for a wide variety of Ford models.

The sticker for the 2017 Raptor is going to start at just under $50,000. A lot of money for a truck not built for commuting. It might not have been built for it, but many are doing just that. Ford found a winner with this styling package and consumers are loving it.

Another new feature of the 2017 Ford Raptor is the Super Crew version. With bigger doors and more space, you can take the entire family to the dunes in comfort. The interior keeps the aggressive Raptor styling and distinctive feel.

Ford is making a bold move with its popular off-road truck. After several years of the new 3.5l Ecoboost in the F150, it seems truck owners have come onboard with the smaller engine package that packs a big punch. Now it is time to see if the off-road performance crowd will be as willing to accept it as well.

The 2017 Ford Raptor is shaping up to be one of the best trucks in 2017. The aluminum body and Ecoboost engine seem to be miles from the original concept of this platform. In six short years, we have come such a long way. I am looking forward to driving a twin turbo V6 in Ford’s ultimate all-terrain truck.