Aston Martin Builds A Boat Meant For A Bond Film

Photo Aston Martin
Photo Aston Martin /

When Aston Martin named its new CEO, everyone knew there would be change. The Aston Martin AM37 1000hp boat was as big as it gets.

When you hear about new vehicles from Aston Martin, you think of elegant road cars. Well, the venerable automaker caught us all off guard with the announcement of the AM37 powerboat.

The AM37 looks like it belongs docked at Monaco for the Grand Prix. The sleek wooden decks stretch from bow to stern. It gives it an elegant simplistic look. The clean lines make it hard to tell if it is 50years old, or from the future.

Quintessence Yachts produced this marvel of ocean-going design for Aston Martin. The cockpit looks more of the DB-11 than of anything you would find on the water. The simplicity and luxury that has been combined in the AM37 is striking.

If your pockets are deep enough, you are able to get twin 520HP gasoline engines to power through the waves. At 37 feet, you are going to have a smooth ride in all but the choppiest conditions.

If the weather does turn on you, just push the button and the electric bimini cover to protect from the elements. If that is not enough there is air conditioning as well for the driver and 7 additional passengers.

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A touchscreen controller allows you to manage all the options on the boat. If you are busy getting  out of port but want a cup of coffee, just push a button and the onboard maker will brew you a cup. If you are worried about your navigation skills, onboard touch screen navigation is built in.

The AM37 has a built in cocktail bar and underwater swimming lights for those times at sea when you want to relax. As would be expected in a craft of this quality, almost all the interior touches can be customized. What else could you ask for?

Aston Martin has released all the information that makes us want the buy the AM37. The one thing they have not given us yet is the costs. Unfortunately, I think it might be out of the price range of most of us.

The Aston Martin AM37 is a risky proposition for the legendary car maker. Having made a full recovery from the malaise of the 80’s, expanding to watercraft seems risky. One thing for sure, I expect to see an AM37 in the next Bond movie no matter who is playing the iconic character.