Video: Watch Mad Mike Conquer the Cape

Conquer the Cape (Photo YouTube)
Conquer the Cape (Photo YouTube) /

“Mad” Mike Whiddett takes his BADBUL Mazda RX8 to the Southern Tip of Africa for his latest drifting video “Conquer the Cape.”

It has only been a week since the 2016 Formula DRIFT Pro Season came to an end, and I am already ready for the next season. Luckily, the top drifters in the world have no plans of locking up their drift cars and calling it a year.

Almost on a weekly basis now, these drivers have been released some incredible, big budget video’s from around the world, capturing both the art and skill required to take these 800hp machines to the edge.

Last week, Formula DRIFT driver Mad Mike Whiddett released an epic video titled “Conquer the Cape.” In the video, Mad Mike takes his BADBUL Mazda SP3 RX8 to the southern tip of Africa to do battle with the iconic Franschhoek Pass.

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In terms of difficulty, the Franschhoek Pass is a beast! The sheer drops and unforgiving turns make for the perfect spot to showcase Mad Mike’s skill and gives us some stunning ariel footage.

For those of you that have plans of visiting South Africa, the Franschhoek Pass truly is “bucket list” worthy, and drivers of all skill levels have rated the pass as one of the top drives in the valley.

Take a look at Conquer the Cape yourself and let us know what you think.

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The video Conquer the Cape gives us an excellent look at the beauty of the region and makes us want to book a flight to experience the drive ourselves. These big budget videos also show drifting fans the level of commitment the drivers and teams have to provide fans world-class performances throughout the year. It also gives us plenty to watch while we anxiously await the first 2017 Formula DRIFT event that takes place in Long Beach next year.